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225 chandelier222 front deskEyes and Faces provides the most advanced, surgical and diagnostic service to our patients and referring practitioners in Plastic and Aesthetic surgery of the Eyes, Orbits and Face.

The Eyes & Faces difference

Specialising in EyePlastic and EyeFacial Surgery, the practice of Dr Anthony Maloof is dedicated to plastic surgery of the Eyes and Face, Reconstructive surgery after cancer or injury, surgical treatment of watery eye and Thyroid Orbital surgery. We do not try to do everything, and refer surgery externally when appropriate. It is our aim to communicate with patients in their terms, rather than medical jargon. It is hoped that photos and images in this website will be worth more than "a thousand words". The photos are not those of young women who have never had or are not in need of surgery. All images are of real patients who have undergone surgery by Dr Anthony Maloof

About Dr Anthony Maloof

a maloof pictureWith both Plastic Surgical and Ophthalmic training, and as a Fellow of the College of Surgeons and College of Ophthalmologists, Dr Anthony Maloof offers surgery for functional and medical disease, trauma, aesthetic and rejeuvenative surgery, and is internationally recognized in his field. Dr Anthony Maloof is an internationally recognised and trained surgical subspecialist in EyePlastic and Transplantation surgery, with significant contributions at national and international levels. Dr Anthony Maloof regularly lectures to local and international meetings, with invited lectures including the keynote lecture in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the 2007 Annual College of Surgeons Congress. Dr Anthony Maloof offers surgical alternatives and has specific expertese in surgery of the mid-face region.

Dr Anthony Maloof is appointed to Westmead and Sydney Hospitals, and is responsible for trainees in his fields. Dr Anthony Maloof regularly publishes in international scientific journals. Dr Anthony Maloof operates at Westmead and Sydney Hospitals, Sydney Day Surgery Newtown, The Skin and Cancer Foundation Westmead, Westmead Private Hospital and at AIES North Sydney.

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